You Were Born To Win! Time To Make Winning Your ONLY Option

You Were Born To Win

"You must plan to win. Prepare to win. And expect to win!” -Zig Ziglar

By Ashley Dixon | Growing Your Business

You were born to win! 

You can feel it deep inside – that’s strong sense of knowing: You were born to win! But unfortunately, winning doesn’t just happen… Success doesn’t just happen!

Just as Zig Ziglar said “You must plan to win. Prepare to win. And expect to win!”

You can’t go through your day just winging it and hoping that you accomplish your goals. You must make a plan for your success with action steps to take every day!

Wake up each morning knowing exactly what you need to accomplish to make sure your success happens!

When you keep your mind focused on your goals, write out a plan that’ll take you there and you take action every single day; winning will become your only option!

Born To Win Mini Exercise:goal planning milestones

  • Plan to Win: Write out your biggest goal
  • Prepare To Win: Work backwards and create milestone steps to get there
  • Expect To Win: Figure out what you need to do each day to get you to the next milestone
  • Take Action: Wake up each morning and take action!

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