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Time Management: Save Time and Increase Productivity

By Ashley Dixon | Building Your Online Empire

Time Management Is Critical

Time is our most valuable asset, yet every day I see so many entrepreneurs struggling because they fail to schedule their days and end up wasting SO MUCH time.

These are the same people who will work 90 hours a week without producing any results! Why? Because in those 90 hours there is A LOT of wasted time, wasted time on distractions, wasted time on non-productive tasks, and wasted time on tasks that are not adding value to their business or producing a profit.

Do they realize that there is wasted time in their day? Nope, absolutely not!

They feel they are focused and working hard all day yet they are exhausted and worn out….. if you can relate to this feeling chances are you are wasting time too.

Trust me, I know it’s a hard pill to swallow. For far too long I struggled with being a “workaholic” and working way too many hours every single day and not sleeping for more than a couple hours a night. I would tell myself “It’s OK I have to do this in order to be successful”…. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

Save Time and Increase Productivity In Your Business

I now work four days a week and I am much more productive than I ever was working 90 hours a week.

So what changed for me?

I started HONESTLY tracking my time.

Every 30 minutes I would write down what I had just spent the past 30 minutes on, I would include every website I was on, every text message I checked, every email I answered, every time I checked Facebook, EVERY distraction that occurred throughout my day.

And oh my goodness! I was so sick to my stomach when I saw the results! At the end of the week I went back and reviewed everything. I worked 92 hours that week — ONLY 38 of those hours ended up being spent on value added or profit generating tasks. That means over half the time I spent “working” was wasted time!

This is why I am urging you to take an honest look at your time. Even if you think “there is no way I’m wasting any time in my day” —  trust me you are!

There is a reason I start every coaching program I offer off with a lesson on time management. Time management is extremely important in business and in life and will be the deciding factor in if you succeed or quit because you are overwhelmed and overworked.

This week I challenge you to HONESTLY track your time.

And by honestly I mean — you need to count every second of your day! Do not lie to yourself — if you got sidetracked on Facebook for 10 minutes, then write it down! If you took 15 minutes to answer an email, then write it down!

And before you even say “Ashley, I don’t have time to stop what I’m doing every 30 minutes and write everything down” —  You are only hurting yourself and your business because YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME NOT TO!