Staying Where You Are Can't Be An Option! - Ashley Dixon | Online Business Coach for Entrepreneurs & Corporate Business Trainer

“SHE IS MY WHY! She is why I believe in myself, because if she’s half of me – and half of me is as powerful as she – then I have no excuse to not be exactly who God designed me to be!” – Ashley Dixon speaking of her daughter.

My baby girl turned 12 today!

ashleydixon-emma-thmbI have been reflecting and looking back on life a lot this morning – to say it’s been emotional would be an understatement.  Let me explain…

For those who don’t know my story, I started my business journey as a broke single momma with a 2 year old baby attached to my hip. I worked full time (for someone else) and was a full-time college student… I didn’t have help!

People ask me all the time how I did it – truth is, I just did it!

For me, not doing it, wasn’t an option!

Staying where I was and raising a baby that way, wasn’t an option!


Through all of my thoughts this morning, here’s what I keep going back to:

1) How fast time goes by, like really fast.

2) How happy I am that I decided to focus on what I needed to do to change my situation instead of just settling (struggling).

3) How grateful I am that my business gives me freedom and has allowed me to be present for all of the most important moments in life. From school field trips, to sporting events and everything in between

4) How thankful I am that my business has blessed me in so many ways that I am able to give my little girl opportunities that most don’t have.

5) How much I appreciate a fresh start and new beginnings! As hard as they are at the time, so much strength and greatness come from it! From birthing a baby to birthing a business! 😉

6) Last, and the most important – How incredible the journey has been and how many lessons have been taught and learned along the way!


My Daughter Is Incredible!

She’s so super smart, she has an absolutely beautiful soul, her heart shines so bright, she has the most amazing personality and a drive to make the world better, she impacts so many people around her on a daily basis!

She is my reason!
She is the reason I am here today! She is the reason why I am able to help so many business owners along their own journey.

She is my why!
She is why I want to be better and do better every single day! She is why I fight so hard to make this world a better place. She is why I believe in myself, because if she’s half of me – and half of me is as powerful as she – then I have no excuse to not be exactly who God designed me to be!

She is my hero!
She gives me superhero strength! That Momma Bear power that comes from nowhere and gives you 10x the power to push through, she gives me that! Anytime I start to let fear sink in or I begin to doubt myself… I think about how I have to show her that you CAN do anything you put your heart and mind to!


If you take anything away from this post – I hope it’s this:

You have something inside you, telling you that you are meant for more. You’re afraid to make the change that is needed – but you don’t want to settle or struggle anymore either. Today I urge you focus on a new beginning and not the struggle and I pray that you refuse to settle!

Time is going to pass anyway – you can choose to spend it the way you are or you can switch your focus and go for more! Nobody else can do that for you! The feeling you have deep inside is a confirmation that you were designed to do great things! Not taking the journey, doesn’t just effect you – it’ll effect everyone you’re meant to impact along the way!

So if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for them!