Facebook Welcome Message: How To Get Free Advertising & Referrals

By Ashley Dixon | Ask Ashley: Your Business Q&A's

Question: What is the Facebook Welcome Message? How can I use it to grow my business?

Answer: The Facebook Welcome Message is a short message that will appear when people visit your business. You can use it to welcome customers or share useful information with them.

Do you have a storefront, office or building that your customers visit you at? If so, this is the perfect way to get your customers to advertise your business to their friends and share how awesome you are!

Who doesn’t LOVE free advertising, referrals and compliments? Right! It’s super easy to setup!

The way it works is as soon as your customer’s phone picks up your WIFI signal, a message will pop up on their phone asking them to check into your establishment on Facebook.

When they check in, all of their Facebook friends will see they are there and a link to your Facebook business page will display in their post. Pretty cool, right?

I recommend taking it to the next level by offering an incentive for them! Give them a reason to check in.

Facebook Welcome Message Ideas:

  • A free drink, appetizer or dessert at restaurants.
  • An exclusive discount at a retail location.
  • Free teeth cleaning at a dentist office.
  • Free tanning session at a tanning salon.

facebook welcome message


To add or edit your Page’s Facebook Welcome Message:

  • Click Settings at the top of your Page
  • Click Place Tips in the left column
  • Type in the name of your wireless network, if it’s not already displayed
  • Add a your Facebook welcome message
    I recommend adding a customized message instead of using the generic Facebook message because we recommend taking it to the next level by offering an incentive for them! You want to give them a reason to check in.
  • Click Save

After you implement this feature, make sure you update me on how great it is working for you! I can’t wait to hear about it!

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