Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Find Out What's Better For Your Business!

VIDEO: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads: Find Out What’s Best For Your Business!

By Ashley Dixon | AshleyTV

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads:
Find Out What’s Best For Your Business!

Behind The Scenes: On a previous live Q&A call, a client asked me if I recommend Facebook Ads or Google PPC Ads for her eCommerce business, click play to find out what I said!

If you’re ready to step in to Google Pay-Per-Click Ads, make sure you’re still doing Facebook Ads too! Just do it in addition to.

Here’s the thing with Google Pay-Per-Click Ads and Facebook Ads.  Let me say this as plain as day… This is what I tell clients when I go into do any type of VIP consulting or anything like that.

With Facebook, when a new customer clicks to like your page. That means they are now always connected to your Facebook newsfeed. Because of this, you’re now able to show up in front of them any time you want to.  If you post, if you boost the post, whatever ads you want to run, you’re now able to show up in front of them.

With Google Pay-Per-Click Ads, you get one shot!

A customer clicks on your Google ad and then they’re sent your website.  If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’re gone and they may never come back. You have one shot to capture their attention and hope that they buy! That’s it.

If they go to your website and if they don’t find that exact thing they’re looking for right then, you’re probably never going to get them back again. That one ad click could have cost $10. That’s $10 you just threw out the window.

On Facebook, if you are paying $10 per ad, you could get 100 people to like your page and then you’re able to constantly show up in front of them. You’re able to connect with them on a daily basis and now you’re also able to build brand awareness with your customer.

With Facebook, you’re able to eliminate “the google factor” and just focus on building brand awareness. Anyone who follows you on Facebook doesn’t need to go to Google and type in “a keyword for product/service you are selling”, now they know exactly where to go first.

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