How To Eliminate High Turnover In Your Business with Employees

VIDEO: How To Eliminate High Turnover In Your Business

By Ashley Dixon | AshleyTV

Eliminate high turnover in your business!

Behind The Scenes: On a previous Q&A Call, a client asked me how she could eliminate high turnover in her business – click play to find out what I recommended!

Leann says, “My industry has a high turn over, I’m struggling with it as well. Do you have any suggestions for helping to retain? I pay $3 more per hour than competitors. I offer paid training, holidays, bonuses.”

Ashley: “The big thing is this, employees are going to be a lot like customers and at first, when we’re first getting started, and until we know exactly who we want to work with, we tend to let the wrong people in. So, if they’re not your perfect employee (or perfect customer), they will leave and that’s okay. We need to be okay with that.

When it comes to hiring people, you need to make sure that their mission is the same as yours. That they align with your mission is.

I’m very specific on what customers I work with and let into my programs, who I take on as coaching clients, who I work with one on one. I am the same way with my employees and you need to be too!  When you don’t set clear boundaries, it ends up making more work for you and usually ends up causing more overwhelm and stress. So, take some time to really figure out exactly what kind of an employee  you’re looking for, write out everything you expect from them and expect them to be – just as if you were going to define who your perfect customer was. Once you do that, then you will know exactly who you are looking for and will automatically start attracting the right people into your business.

If this is back draft from before, because you have made a lot of changes Leann – you’ve made some huge improvements over the last couple of weeks that we’ve been working together.  So, these may be employees that came in before you made this transition. And so, back then you were probably hiring at an emotional level because you needed help, you were desperate and needed somebody in there so that you could relieve yourself from your business. This happens a lot, we make emotional decisions when it comes to hiring, because we’re not in the right mindset.

When we are prepared and we know exactly who we’re hiring, then we end up putting the perfect people in our businesses and they end up staying with us for years.

And most of the time, they don’t ever want to leave because they align with the same mission that you have, they’re on the same page as you and they would do anything for you. Those are the types of people you really want in your business.”

Leann says, “It’s always been an issue. I know my ideal employee.”

Ashley: “Okay. So, if you know your ideal employee…. Leann, I’m just going to tell you right now, you have to remain coachable. Because the way you’ve done things is what’s causing the resistance that you’re having now. So you have to adjust your mindset, step back and say, “Okay. This is how I’ve done it – but I can do it better! So what do I need to do to improve from here?” Right?

So you know exactly who your ideal employee is, you said that, but you’re saying you are still attracting the wrong ones. This is happening during the interview process. Either you’re not setting clear enough boundaries or you’re not being clear enough on what your expectations are for the new employee and what they can expect from you.

You need to make sure that they understand, just as much as you understand, because if they understand and you understand what each person is supposed to bring to the table – you will eliminate that resistance.

Sure, there might be a shift in their life later on that might take them to a different career but as long as they’re pairing up with you because they believe in your mission and they want to do exactly what you want to do, then you’re going to align together and be on the same path.”

“When you make those emotional decisions or clear boundaries aren’t in place or you’re not clear on your expectations, that’s where confusion and overwhelm sets in.”

That is what makes the employee want to resist or you have to fire them because you’re not owning up to their end of the bargain. They’re not doing what you are expecting them to do,  because they weren’t clear on what your expectations were or they weren’t clear on what your mission was.

So, once you get really clear on who you want to work with in your business and you look at the big picture… you have to stand back and realize that what you’ve done is great! You’ve built a great company, you’ve done an amazing job building your dream business. But, what’s starting to happen is you don’t have the systems in place, you don’t have the right people in place so now you have to start fine tuning these things. I’m not saying what you’ve done so far is wrong, you just need to fine tune it and implement systems that duplicate over and over again so you can  make sure you’re always bringing the right people in.”

“Fill your business with the right people – that is how you eliminate high turnover!”

And make sure that you know upfront what you’re expecting from them and that they know what you’re expecting from them. That they know what they can expect from you too as an employer, as a boss to be there forever or if to be short term.

If it’s only short term then don’t hire them! You have to hire with long term in mind. You’re not building a temporary business, you’re building empire that’s going to be around forever, you’re building a legacy so you have to hire long term.”

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