Your Brain + Overwhelm = You Stuck! > GET UNSTUCK TODAY!

Your Brain + Overwhelm = You Stuck!

"The mountain you're trying to move, it was meant for you to climb!"

By Ashley Dixon | Growing Your Business

Are you feeling stuck in your business?
Instead of focusing so closely on the big picture, just focus on the next step.

Once you take that step, focus on the next one…. and keep repeating. When we don’t do this, we tend to over complicate things.

Our brain shuts down when it begins to feel overwhelmed. By focusing on everything (all of your goals, tasks and deadlines) at once, it makes your brain feel as if you have to climb the entire mountain at once. We both know, you can’t climb a mountain if you’re not taking steps forward, right?

So, to get unstuck and stop this from happening again in the future, take one step at a time, focusing only on what the next step is. Your brain will stop feeling overwhelmed, you won’t feel stuck and you’ll be to the top of that mountain before you know it!

Begin where you are right now, what’s your next step? Take that step and get unstuck today!

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