You’ve Got To Be Your Best To Give Your Best

"Being a mom and a wife is hard enough! They are the best titles in the world, but man – it’s tough! Trying to run a business on top of all of our responsibilities at home are near impossible. BUT IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE!"

By Ashley Dixon | Growing Your Business

Can we talk about being a mom for a minute?
(Sorry Dads – but honestly this can apply to you too.  )

I work with a lot of clients, many of them parents, and too many times I see them push their families aside and make their business their priority in life. It doesn’t have to be this way! Your life doesn’t have to revolve around your business. In fact, it never should!

Trust me – I know! For too long I let my business take over my life. I poured my heart and soul into it and it literally consumed me! At the end of the day I was unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled and left questioning myself on if it was even worth it.

I started putting systems in place that allowed me to start stepping away from the day-to-day objectives in my business and started doing what made my heart happy. Like spending time with myself, my family, traveling, and doing the things that I loved in my business like developing training programs and coaching clients – that is when I realized how much more passion I had inside me.

Being a mom and a wife is hard enough! They are the best titles in the world, but man – it’s tough! Trying to run a business on top of all of our responsibilities at home are near impossible. BUT IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

If you’re reading this, then I know you are just like me! You were born to make a difference in this world! We were designed by God to be stronger and try harder than everyone else. We rise where others fall. And we laugh in the face of impossible and prove to the world that IT IS POSSIBLE! That is what makes us amazing entrepreneurs!

The entire world will try and tell us what success is…

Throughout all my years of running businesses, my biggest life lesson is – at the end of the day if you don’t feel successful, then you are not!

It doesn’t matter how big your business is. What kind of car you drive or how much money you have in the bank. Success is the feeling of happiness, freedom and fulfillment we have at the end of each day knowing we lived that day doing exactly what we were meant to do.

I have met a lot of “rich” people who the world considers successful but at the end of the day – they know they’re not. They can’t feel it. They can look at their material things and they feel a hole in their heart… it is not success.

I’m grateful that I figured this out early enough to fix it!
Before I continued to allow my business to consume me!
I’m sharing this with you – because I want to help you fix it too!

If your business can’t run without you, there is a problem!
If your life is spiraling out of control, there is a problem!
If your family and friends are missing you, there is a problem!
If you feel like you want to give up on everything you worked hard for, there is a problem!

And that problem is…. you’re not spending time doing what your heart loves to do!

And so, you are starting to burn out, you’re starting to resent your business or the people around you.

I know your dream!

I know you want it bad!
I know you’re willing to work really hard for it!
But I don’t want to see you accomplish that dream and loose everything else you love on the way to achieving it!

Today, I urge you to take responsibility for your actions!
Put the blame on yourself and then FORGIVE YOURSELF for all of it!

Take this lesson you learned and upgrade your life from here!
Give yourself grace! Ask yourself what will make your heart happy!

And then take what makes you happy and make room in your life for it! Do those things as much as you can! Don’t allow your business to get in the way of that!

You’ll become happy again! You’ll become healthy again! Your life will start to balance out again with the perfect amount of time for yourself, your relationships and your business!

You’ll feel fulfilled! You’ll start to love your business again!
And your business will love you back, because you won’t be so emotionally and physically drained!

Your business will uplevel because you”ll uplevel your life!

So take some time out today, really think about this post.
Think about how you can make little adjustments in your life to start filling your heart with joy!

If you need some ideas to kickstart your upgrade, let me share some of my daily non-business activities with you:

  • I spend 30-60 minutes every morning on myself. It’s usually a combination of praying, meditating, journaling and working out.
  • I take the time to pack lunches for my husband & daughter every day and place a little love note inside telling them exactly what I love and appreciate about them.
  • I cook dinner 5-7 times per week because I love cooking and I enjoy having conversation with my family around the dinner table.
  • I attend every school/sport event that my daughter has because I want her to know that what is important to her, is important to me and that her hard work is seen, appreciated and celebrated.
  • My husband and I enjoy a date night every week because we want to always keep our marriage our #1 priority.
  • We travel all the time because the adventure fuels my heart!

These are just some of the things that are my highest priorities!
The things I will not allow my business to consume.

These are the things that fill my heart with SO much joy and give me the feeling of happiness, freedom and fulfillment at the end of each day knowing I lived and loved, doing exactly what I was meant to do.These are the things that drive me to want to be more and do better! This is my fuel to make the world a better place!

I love my family! I love my clients! I love my business! But I can not serve others and give 100% until I serve my heart first. And neither can you!

If this post helped you or you have a question, I’d love to hear about it!
What are your highest priorities?
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