Add Hours To Your Day

How To Add More Hours To Your Day!

"It’s changed my life and has helped me be much more productive in business!"

By Ashley Dixon | Building Your Online Empire

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it’s something that has absolutely changed my life, has helped me add hours to my day and made me be much more productive in business!

You see, I use to be exhausted all of the time!

I would get up in the morning and go hard all day long, I was extremely overwhelmed and felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions throughout my day. By the time I would go to bed, I would lay there thinking about all of the things I was supposed to get done that day but didn’t have time to get to.

I knew I had to be doing something wrong, I knew there had to be a way that I could still get everything (well at least half of everything) done that I needed to each day. And that’s when I really started paying attention to the things I was spending my time on.

I started tracking everything I did, from the time I woke up in the morning until the time I went to bed. I wrote everything down on a piece of paper for an entire week. When I reviewed it at the end of the week, I realized, most of the things that were taking up my time weren’t even family or business related. And, this was a BIG problem!

You see, I started my business so I could help others build successful businesses AND also because I wanted the freedom to enjoy life on my terms and build my business around my life. Yet, at this point in my life I was feeling overworked and I was missing out on family activities because I had too much to do!

I grabbed my list of tasks from that week and a highlighter, I sat down and started highlighting the tasks that I could actually hire someone else to take care of…. when I was done – I was shocked!

Most of the things I was putting time and effort into could’ve easily been handed over to someone else.

As business owners, we tend to feel like we have to do everything on our own.

Truth is – we don’t!

In fact, when you start outsourcing all of the things you don’t have to do – that’s when you have more time to invest in the things you do need to do in order to keep growing your business.

And as an extra bonus – you’re creating new jobs!

At first I started with the little things in my business. I hired an assistant for a couple hours each week to help with many of my day-to-day tasks that needed to be done. (Answering emails, scheduling posts, light bookkeeping, etc.)

TIP: You don’t have to hire an actual employee, they don’t even need to come into your home or office. There are many Virtual Assistants who offer packages at an hourly rate and you can hire them on a per project basis or when you need the extra help.

Within one week, the investment of hiring someone was completely justified!

Just from hiring one assistant on an hourly basis, it allowed me to add 3-4 hours back into my day!

That was 3-4 hours extra that I was now able to dedicate my time solely on growing my business. Seriously, 3-4 hours is half a day! It adds up to 15-20 extra hours per week!

It was then that I realized how important it was to start developing a team!

Up until then, I was being an assistant, a bookkeeper, a social media manager, a receptionist, a customer service rep, a travel agent, a designer, a developer, a launch specialist…. the list goes on and on!

And at the end of the day, I wasn’t fulfilling the most import role – being the CEO of my business!

How was I going to build a successful business doing everything on my own?
I wasn’t! No way, no how!

It was then that I realized I really needed to step up!

After working with my assistant for a few months, I was able to dedicate my time to growing my business and it really started to show! Revenue was up and business was doing great! Every few months, I would add another team member that would help eliminate some more of my tasks.

I started looking at the things at home that were taking up some of my time – cleaning, cooking, running errands, yard work and realized I could do the same thing at home that I was doing at the office!

I could spend more time with my family by having someone help us with the household tasks. Instead of coming home from the office and worrying about laundry, cleaning and yard work – I could now come home and spend quality time with my family.

Now, at the end of the day, I’m not exhausted or overwhelmed anymore!

I’m relaxed, at peace and I feel very accomplished when my head hits my pillow at the end of the day.

Outsourcing is a must! You can’t afford to do everything on your own!

As a business owner – you need to make your hours count!

You can’t expect to build a big business if you’re focusing on small tasks that take up a majority of your day.

My Add More Hours To Your Day Challenge For You:

  • Start tracking your days! Be specific and log how long each task is taking you to complete. I recommend doing this in 15 min segments.
  • At the end of the day, highlight the tasks that could’ve been outsourced and add them up.
  • Start looking for a Virtual Assistant to hire and delegate the highlighted tasks out.

TIP: When it comes to hiring a Virtual Assistant, you’ll need to know how many hours you’ll need them for and how much you can afford to pay them. Don’t over commit! If you only need help 2 hours a week, then only hire them for 2 hours! You can always add on more hours as your business grows.