Business Success: The Top 3 Roles In A Company That Are Crucial

3 Roles That Are Crucial For Business Success

By Ashley Dixon | Building Your Online Empire

3 Roles That Are Crucial For Business Success

3 Roles That Are Crucial For Business Success Are…

The Visionary can look at where a company is currently at and foresee it’s future business success. They create a strategic plan to insure the business is consistently growing. The Expert is who specializes in what your business does. The Manager is who makes sure tasks get completed, strategies are implemented, goals are accomplished and that the vision of the company is on The Visionary’s projected path.

Each role requires different skills and talents, and very rarely can one person fulfill all three of these roles. This is one reason so many small business owners fail to see business success, They struggle to grow, because they are trying to manage all three of these roles on their own.

Many entrepreneurs jump into business because they love what they do and they want to earn an income doing it. Passion is extremely important in business, but it takes much more than passion to accomplish business success.

When a business owner doesn’t have enough experience in business, marketing or leadership to get things off the ground, it ultimately comes down to either them giving up or becoming burnt out from the constant struggle of trying to do all three of these roles on their own.

Truth is… A Successful Business Takes A Team Effort!

If you’re a small business owner trying to do it all on your own right now, your goal needs to be to hire help as soon as you can. If you don’t, your business will never have the opportunity to be profitable because it will never be able to run without you!

How can you make sure your business is a success and that burnout doesn’t happen to you?

Figure out what role you are best at (The Visionary, The Expert or The Manager) and focus on that role. Then outsource or hire others to fulfill the other two roles.

Can you be an expert and a visionary in your business?

It is very possible that you can be the visionary and the expert in your business but without help, projects and tasks will always fall through the cracks. It’s extremely important to hire help so you can have others implement your ideas and perform any tasks that you don’t need to personally do, for you.

Here’s an example:

A doctor is an expert and can also be a visionary for his practice… but in order for his practice to grow he must solely concentrate on those roles and put the right people in place to implement his tasks and ideas for him.

The doctor’s primary role is to be an expert.

The doctor meets with a patient and concludes their visit with a diagnosis. He has to fulfill his duties in this role, nobody else could do this for him.

However, in most cases, a diagnosis can’t be given until blood work, lab tests, etc. are administered. Most doctors focus on their role as an expert and they don’t administer these tasks on their own. Instead, they hire staff that come in and administer these tasks for them.

Hence the importance of what I mentioned above, “it’s extremely important to hire help so you can have others… perform any tasks that you don’t need to personally do, for you.”

Question To Ask Yourself: How many tasks are you doing on a day to day basis that you personally don’t need to do and can be outsourced to someone else?

Let’s look at a doctor from a manager point of view. Could you imagine if he tried running the office side of his practice too? No way! That’s why he has an office manager that handles the appointments, insurance claims and paperwork for him.

Something To Think About: If you’re trying to be the expert in your business while managing all of the admin and marketing tasks then you won’t have enough time and energy, nor will you have a clear mindset to look ahead and focus on the growth of your business because you’ll be overwhelmed/burnt out.

The doctor’s secondary role is to be the visionary for his practice.

He knows how successful he wants his business to become and he knows where he wants his business to go. Some doctors have business experience and are able to figure out what strategic steps they need to take to get their practice to the point of success that they want. Other doctors don’t. Same applies to business owners and entrepreneurs.

For this example, let’s say the doctor knows how successful he wants his business to become and he knows where he wants his business to go, he’s done everything he knows how to do and has gotten the business off to a great start, but now he’s hit a plateau and he doesn’t know how to get the practice past the point that they are at now.

Being the visionary of his practice, he knows he needs help. 

The doctor knows in order for him to keep growing he needs to hire a consultant or a mentor that can listen to him explain his vision, and then lay out a path and a plan for him to follow that will take him to where he wants to go. The doctor is able to take that plan back to his staff and is able to have them start implementing the tasks and projects needed.

Even though he had to hire a mentor/consultant; the doctor has still successfully fulfilled his role as both the expert and the visionary. He did what he needed to do to continue to grow his business. He asked for help when he got to a point that was beyond where his experience level was; and that is what a successful business owner does.

Question To Ask Yourself: Are you fulfilling your role as the CEO/Visionary of your business? Or are you keeping your business small because you’re afraid to ask for help?

It’s important to know that, even a CEO/Visionary needs to hire help. This is why you see so many large corporations hire new CEOs every few years. If a company keeps growing; it will ultimately outgrow it’s original vision and goals. The visionary needs to keep evaluating the future of the company; setting new goals so that the company continues to grow at a consistent rate. 

Struggling with Business Success? 

  • Figure out what role you are best at in your business. Focus 100% of your time and energy on that role. (The Visionary, The Expert or The Manager)
  • Fulfill the other roles by hiring/outsourcing (people who you can count on and who specialize in each specific role).
    • If you’re not ready for full-time staff yet, start by outsourcing. For instance, if you need to:
      + Hire a manager
      , hire an assistant a few hours a week (and work your way towards more.)
      + Replace yourself as the expert. Start training someone to do exactly what you do so they can start alleviating some tasks/projects for you.
      + Not sure how to take your business to the next level? Hire mentor/coach as a consultant to show you how.

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